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I grew up VERY religious which resulted in a hugely independent woman steeped in  bondage, a bitter and debilitating combination. I believed in an angry wrathful god who was impossible to satisfy. My everyday was wrapped up in trying to do the right things in order to please man and God, failing miserably, and then hiding my failures beneath false bravado because of pride and fear. What a miserable cycle!

Finally, in early 2000, I came to the end of myself. We had a major health crisis with our youngest daughter and I was brought to my knees in a hospital isolation room where I called out to God and was washed with a peace I had NEVER felt before. 

He showed me that my daughter was His and so was I. That He loves me with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3), not because I was strong enough or good enough but just because He did (2 Timothy 1:9)! I realized that He was what I needed, that He was worthy and that placing my hope in Him would never leave me wanting (Romans 10:11) – a moment I have always treasured and never regretted! I thank God that He waited for me on the edge of that trial and I found Him at the end of myself. 



Since my salvation, prayer has been a huge part of my life. There is a liberty in continual, dependant communication with The Almighty! I pour out my heart in need and He hears AND responds. 2 Chronicles 7:14 breathed life into my hope and blew away my fears! 



That we would continue to walk in full submission to, and complete dependence on, the only One who will satisfy our every need! Jesus Christ!