1.13.21 | 2:00pm

Greetings in the name of the Lord!
As we begin 2021 with some difficult news regarding further lockdown measures, here is a little good news about what God is doing at Mission City Bible Church:
During a challenging year for many people, we celebrate what the Lord has done – and we look ahead with anticipation to what He will do – through our 2020 Christmas Offering. 
This year, we gave a grand total of $27,924.95 in our Christmas Offering!
Our commitment is to give away the entirety of this offering to the following four ministries in equal amounts ($6,981.24):

Thank you, again, to the many who responded to the leading of the Spirit of God to give generously. Please continue to pray that God would use these gifts to bless many as the gospel continues to go forth.
Our 48 Hours of Prayer initiative was a big blessing! Here are some of the highlights from those 48 hours:

  • 85 people registered to pray at some point during the 48 hours
  • Those 85 people committed to praying for 114 hours (collectively) over those two days
  • The first 30 consecutive hours were covered in prayer by at least one person in our church
  • 45 of the 48 hours had at least one person praying on our behalf

Well done, church! Thank you for coming together in prayer.
Our elders recently learned that Celebration Church had accepted an offer from another party before we could formally submit our proposal. To the best of our knowledge, that deal is not yet completed so we will wait to see how this situation develops and try to discern if the Lord has anything further for us in this.
One fact we know for certain is that our time in prayer has not been wasted. It never is. Together, we entered this time of prayer desiring to draw close to the Lord and to seek his direction for this specific matter, and we believe both of those objectives have been accomplished. God has shown himself to be faithful and it is imperative that we now thank God for answering our prayers.
Again, our elders will continue to monitor this situation as it develops and keep you informed as we’re able.
To that end, please make it a priority to be part of our next online prayer meeting on Wednesday, January 20 at 7pm. More details and opportunity to register online will be available shortly.
You are loved,
Your Elders

1.3.21 | 9:00am

12.21.20 | 4:00pm

Dear church family,

From the elders and staff at Mission City, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! We pray this season will be a time – unlike any other we’ve experienced – where you will know the peace and hope that are found only in Jesus Christ.

Due to the recent announcement by the government of Ontario regarding new province-wide lockdown measures beginning December 26, we want to update you as to how this will impact our weekend worship gatherings. Please note the following:

  • CHRISTMAS EVE: Our Christmas Eve services (at 5:00pm and 6:30pm) will proceed as planned. Registration is required to attend these gatherings. If you would like to attend but have been unable to register, please continue to check the registration page for cancellations and new openings. Additionally, our 5:00pm Christmas Eve service will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel for those who cannot attend.
  • WEEKEND WORSHIP GATHERINGS: Beginning Sunday, December 27, our weekend worship gatherings will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel beginning each Sunday morning at 9am. Please note: there will not be in-person worship gatherings for the following weekends due to new lockdown measures:
    • Sunday, December 27
    • Sunday, January 3
    • Sunday, January 10
    • Sunday, January 17

We have secured permission from Brantford Christian School to use their facility for our livestream services. Production for these broadcasts will comply with the necessary gathering limits and distancing protocols. The worship gatherings will be livestreamed only once on Sunday mornings (at 9:00am), but the full-service video will be available on our YouTube channel to access at any time. Further guidance regarding worship gatherings beyond January 17 will be given at the appropriate time.

  • OTHER IMPORTANT PARTS OF CHURCH LIFE: In addition to these updates, please remember these other parts of our life together:
    • Pray for and with one another: Stay in touch through text, email, or Zoom calls to pray and encourage one another in the Lord.
    • Remain connected to your small group: You need them, and they need you! Press into the fellowship that we still have even though it’s not how we want it.
    • Commit to give financially to the mission through the church: This is an important part of our worship and devotion to the Lord. The mission carries on no matter the circumstance.
    • Speak boldly of your hope in Christ: In a day with many opinions and even more division, tell someone about the peace that can be theirs in Jesus Christ.
    • Check your heart: This is a time for Christians to lead the way in setting our hope not in this world, but in the world to come. Where are you looking to find hope and what message is it sending to those around you?

We thank you again for your attention to these things, and we thank you for your grace through an extended period of change, difficult decisions, and uncertainty. We put not our trust in man in whom there is no salvation, but “blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God” (Psalm 146:3, 5).

You are loved.