Pre-marital Mentoring/Discipleship

Marriage models the gospel unlike any other relationship and Pre-marital Mentoring/Discipleship intends to prepare couples for this high calling, to the glory of God!

This course is a prerequisite of all weddings officiated by staff at Mission City Bible Church.

Preparing for Marriage

Pre-marital Mentoring/Discipleship includes one-on-one meetings sessions with a married mentoring couple. Practical issues will be discussed from a biblical perspective. There will also be a few sessions with your mentoring couple after your marriage.

Participating in Pre-marital Mentoring/Discipleship is a prerequisite for all weddings to be held at Mission City or by a Mission City Pastor.

At least one of you must have attended Steps 1 and 2, Welcome and Essentials, to be a part of the Pre-Marital Mentoring/Discipleship Program.

If you would like to take part in pre-marital mentor/discipleship and/or to have a Mission City Pastor to officiate your wedding, please review the guidelines below and take your first step today!

1. Complete the pre-marriage and wedding form

This is a short form which helps us get to know you and get some preliminary information about your relationship and wedding plans.

After you have submitted the form, depending on your familiarity with your requested officiating pastor, we may arrange for you to have an initial sit-down meeting with your officiating pastor to get to know you better and find out more about your Christian faith and the nature of your relationship.

Fill in the Pre-Marital and Wedding Application

2. Coordinate logistical details

Once you and your fiancée have submitted the wedding questionnaire, you will receive an email from the Executive Assistant.

  1. Ensure that your requested officiating pastor is available for your wedding date
  2. Coordinate other key details with your officiating pastor (e.g., obtaining a marriage license, rehearsal details, etc…)
  3. Allow adequate time to schedule and complete the pre-marriage mentoring/discipleship program
  1. Participate in pre-marriage mentor/discipleship 

We will assist in setting you up with a marriage mentor couple who will meet with you and journey together with you towards your wedding day.  

  1. Meet with the officiating pastor to finalize logistical details

      A few weeks prior to your wedding, you will be scheduled to meet with the 

      officiating pastor to finalize logistical details (e.g., wedding rehearsal, 

      ceremony, vows, reception, etc.) surrounding your wedding.

Required Resource:

We recommend that you purchase and read through John Henderson’s book: ‘Catching Foxes’, as you will be discussing this together with your mentor couple.

You can purchase the book at online at or

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What considerations must be made if my wedding is out of town?

Some pastors will perform out-of-town weddings, while others will not be available.  If you are having an out-of-town wedding, please ensure to confirm your officiating pastor’s availability as early as possible.

Additionally, we kindly ask that you make arrangements or cover extra costs for any necessary travel expenses and accommodations and provide clear directions and the precise address to the wedding.

2. Where can I get a marriage license?

You can personally obtain a marriage license from your local municipality.

More information can be found at

We look forward to walking with you during the process of planning for your upcoming marriage.

If you have any questions, you can email us at


"The dangers to our marriages are not only around us, but inside us... The Scripture, and pre-marriage counseling based on the Scripture, can keep calling us back to God's intention for marriage... the delights of marriage and the opportunity for God-honouring marriage remain." - John Henderson

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