Sharing the Good News of Jesus and

making disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:18-20

2023 Christmas Compassion Initiatives:


This Christmas season, we’ve partnered with some very impactful ministries to give opportunity for us to care for vulnerable families and children here at Mission City, in our surrounding community and across the world.

1. This year we collected over 200 shoeboxes and sent them with Operation Christmas Child.
2. In lieu of all of our workers, we’ll be sending a one time donation to Africans Reaching Africa, which is a ministry that is doing great Gospel work in 8 highly unreached African countries.
3. We just completed the Christmas Cookie Compassion where groups of women gathered together to package cookies to give to the weekly street ministry to give out. In each package is a Gospel tract.
4. As a church we have some volunteers purchasing gifts for 18 needy families through Hope Pregnancy Resource Centre.
5. Lastly, through our small groups, mens, womens and freedom groups, we are providing an opportunity for small groups or individuals to Adopt-A-Family and provide a Christmas meal hamper for a family in church who need a little extra help this Christmas.

If you know a family, a University or College student, or someone else who is in need this Christmas, please email to get them connected to this initiative.

We are committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20).

All our missions activities reflect the Six Distinctives of Mission City

    Dependent and expectant (Ephesians 6:18)
    Intentional and in community (Ephesians 4:11-16)
    Spirit and truth (John 4:24)
    Word and deed (Matthew 9:36-38)
    Expository and applicational (1 Corinthians 2:1-5)
    Together and around the World (Matthew 16:18b)

Additional guiding principles of Mission City missions

  • All our missions’ initiatives and activities are to be conceived, delivered and sustained in the seeking of God’s leading and His blessing through prayer and the study of His word.
  • We will support missions that focus on preaching and teaching the gospel, seeking to produce quality disciples, and planting like-minded churches.
  • We will be deeply involved in a few missions and missionaries rather than be superficially involved with many.
  • We will identify, support and encourage those within our church family whom the Lord calls to missions.
  • We will pursue a global approach to missions by beginning in our local community and extending beyond to other Canadian and international communities.
  • Our priority will be to utilize and support local missions workers and organizations who seek to evangelize their own people.  Secondarily, we will support missions workers who provide services that cannot be readily accessed locally.
  • All missions’ activities should be performed in an attitude of humility and cultural sensitivity. [where this does not compromise the Gospel]
  • We will look to partner with other GCC Churches in supporting certain missions when and where it is appropriate.


We are so excited to be a part of the ONEchurch Brantford Food Drive. Our goal is to collect a substantial amount of food in a short amount of time with an aim to eliminate the chronic summer food shortage experienced by the Brantford food bank and the families that rely upon it.

We are looking for 10-12 families, small groups or individuals to be a part of this community event! Would you prayerfully consider serving in this way? Visit THIS PAGE  to get signed up!


1. June 3 between 4pm and 6pm - Volunteers will pick up their flyer kits via curb side pickup at BCS 
2. By June 9 - deliver the flyers to their designated areas 
3. There is to be no door knocking.  This is flyer drop-off only but there are many opportunities for chats with those who are out and about. 
4. Routes will take approx. 1.5 - 2.5 hours to complete for a family of 3-4 people.
5. June 11 from 9:30am - 3:00pm is Food Drive Day.Volunteers will come to BCS to engage in a brief time of prayer, get their "Pickup Kits" and then head out to pick up the food donations.
6. Residents who wish to donate will leave their food donations on their front step as instructed by the flyer. Food will be collected by volunteers from the front steps only if it is left out. No door knocking.
7. After completing your route, return to BCS with your collected items. Food will be boxed at the back of your vehicle when you return to BCS.
8. Once food items are boxed, you will drive to the weigh station, get your boxes weighed and then head out to enjoy the rest of your day.

More info on official page: HERE !

We're excited to see how God will grow you as you build relationships and step out and share the love of Christ.  
Check out 
Brantford Food Drive/Mission City or email Sandra at if you have any further questions.


For ongoing communication regarding MCBC Mission support, training, going & sending, you can receive email updates. By the power of the Holy Spirit, may this ignite us to live out the Great Commission with passion for the glory of God.

Sign Up!

For all upcoming Missions opportunities, visit our Event's Page

We have a number of opportunities for you to be involved with Missions.  Visit our events page for more info and to sign up today!

Event's & opportunities

Check out some Summer 2023 opportunities:

Round Lake Bible Camp

Round Lake Bible Camp is on the edge of a beautiful lake 80 kms west of Thunder Bay, ON. We run seven weeks of Bible camp for youth aged 7-19 in the summer, and offer various retreats for youth, women, and other groups throughout the year. Visit their website for more info:



Our strategy for evangelism is you.  As we make disciples that make disciples, we train and equip our church family to be the centre of our evangelism strategy.  We also have teams that head out regulary to do intense street evangelism.  Some of our other initiatives are through partnerships with. You can find more info below on how you can get involved in any of these ministries:

Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre




Safe Families Canada is currently in the process of getting a Brantford Chapter of Safe Families up and running but the requests for help are already pouring in! The need is great but we are seeing God's provision.




We  are a Church plant that is all about making disciples.  One of the ways that we do this is through Church planting.  We are praying for the Lord to lead us to locations to plant new Churches.  If you have an area that you would like to see a Church planted in, your first step is to begin to pray.  Pray that the Lord of the Mission City will send labourers as the fields are white unto harvest. (Matt. 9:37-38)

We have partnered along with Hope Mississauga to help plant Hope Church Toronto North

We are currently patterning with Redemption Edmonton as they have just planted this fall 2022.  
Visit their website to find out more!




On the Global front we partner with the Great Commission Collective (GCC) to plant Churches around the world.
Stay tuned for some upcoming details of some new partnerships and initiatives that we are currently working on.  We also have several Missionaries involved in global missions along with Compassion Canada and GALCOM:


Here is a link that will give you more information, as well as an opportunity to sponsor a child through Compassion: MISSION CITY SPONSOR-A-CHILD LINK


Galcom provides durable technical equipment for communicating the Gospel worldwide.


We further the gospel’s reach through long-term missionary mobilization, short-term theological training trips, strategic church partnerships, and ministry internships.


Planting Churches. Strengthening Leaders.

A diverse collective of churches resourcing and supporting church planting around the world.

LOCAL Compassion | COVID-19

Please pray for the vulnerable homeless folks in our community, an often overlooked and under serviced population in times of the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

Additional closures to encourage social distancing have impacted this population greatly as they are unable to access the safe daytime spaces they would typically use. Specifically:

  • Friendship House
  • Libraries
  • Ymca
  • Tim Hortons

Due to Covid-19, many of the community meal programs have closed and/or have been altered to “take out only”.  This creates some concern around food supply for those who rely on these programs daily. In inclement weather, knowing there is a space to go and sit for a few hours and eat was valuable.

Mission City Bible Church has provided weekend meals since the Winter Warmth shelter opened in December. Thankfully, as our meal train does not require food providers to distribute the food to the residents, it is considered low risk. We will continue to provide meals to the Winter Warmth shelter until May 31 on Saturday and Sunday nights. These meals are more important than ever as for some, this is the only food they will receive on the weekends. We serve up to 50 adults each meal.

There are significant spaces for us to fill over the next few weeks, you can see the details and sign up HERE.

If you are not able to sign up to provide a meal, but would like to donate pantry items, the following would be greatly appreciated.

  • Peanut Butter
  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Breakfast Bars (soft)
  • Fruit cups
  • Canned ready to eat soup/stew

We are happy to pick up items from your front step! Please email if you have any questions or have items to donate.



Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ (Matthew 25: 34-36)

Brantford Food Bank

Top 10 List of High Demand Items:

  1. Canned Meat (tuna, spam, etc)
  2. Canned fruit and veggies
  3. Cereal or oatmeal
  4. Diapers
  5. Personal hygiene items (shampoo, deodorant etc)
  6. Peanut butter
  7. Pork & beans
  8. Spaghetti sauce & dry pasta
  9. Tomatoes
  10. Kraft dinner

Drop your offering off at the Brantford Food Bank 1100 Clarence St S #202 · (519) 751-4357  |  Map


Current list of needs:


  • body wash
  • deodorant
  • shaving cream
  • shampoo/conditioner.
  • Frozen microwave dinners
  • Pudding cups
  • Juice boxes
  • Fruit cups (ie peaches,mixed fruit, mandarin oranges)
  • Applesauce
  • Milk cartons and/or evaporated milk
  • Cereal ( more child friendly brands instead of shredded wheat etc)
  • Chef Boyardee
  • Ramen
(pasta, pasta sauce, beans of any kind, soup, granola bars, crackers, rice , KD)
Donations can be dropped off between 4 and 8pm.  Visit their website here for more info.

Hope Pregnancy & Family Support Centre

As their needs are constantly changing, we encourage you to please visit their website and ask the Lord to show you where He would call you to serve.

Current Needs List:
· Pull ups size 2/3
· Grocery cards in the amount of $10/$20/$50
· Adult shampoo and body wash
· Blankets
· Baby wash and lotion
· Baby combs (rounded)
· Nursing pads (whole packages)
· Small bags of frozen veggies
· Tuna & Mayo
· Peanut Butter
These items can be dropped off at 466 Colborne St, Brantford (519) 756-3787

Christmas can already be a challenging time for many, add to that the weight of a world-wide pandemic and things can start to seem hopeless for some! This is why we set our eyes not on the JOY and HOPE of this season! Here are several opportunities for our church family to be a part of the furthering of God's Kingdom right here in our own church family and neighbouring communities!
Here are a few ways you can get involved this Christmas season:
  • Adopt-a-Family: This program is to help those in our household of faith who may be struggling this Christmas. If you are aware of anyone in our Church who would benefit from a Christmas meal hamper you can confidentially submit their name by clicking here. Once a name has been submitted a member of the Compassion Team will contact them and match them with a small group who will supply a Christmas Hamper for the family.
  • Christmas Benevolence: This program is run annually through our Small Groups and is our opportunity to come alongside families by prayerfully identifying those in our church body who are in financial need.  IF YOU ARE AWARE of any families within your SG, or in our church body, who are in financial need please share their name via an email to prior to December 15th. Like the church of Acts it is our joy to walk out the one-another's in this tangible way.
  • Safe Families:  We need your help to continue providing a safety net for families in need. In fact, we can’t do this without you! Your generous gift makes a world of difference for those who feel no hope, for those who doubt their future.  Use this link to find the donation form:
  • Operation Christmas Child: Our church family has been filling shoeboxes in the name of Jesus to kids globally.  We trust God is glorified by our offering! This campaign is just wrapping up with boxes being returned this Sunday, November 21. COMPLETED!
  • Pregnancy and Resource Centre BRANT: Check out the PRC-Brant website to see how you can help out this Christmas:
  • Angel Tree Christmas:  We are excited to once again partner with Prison Fellowship Ministries in the Angel Tree Christmas program.  There are 357,000 hidden victims of crime across Canada – the children of incarcerated parents. These children, often forgotten in their community, experience challenges like shame, isolation, developmental delays, poor school attendance and performance, poverty, addictions, homelessness and more because they have a parent that has been or is incarcerated.  Through the Angel Tree Christmas program these children are matched with sponsors within their local area. As a sponsor you would purchase, wrap, attach a supplied handwritten tag and deliver the gifts to the kids in the name of their parent. Depending on comfort level, some sponsors are able to meet the family while doing the porch drop-off, offering a cheery hello and wave a hand of friendship in the name of Jesus Christ and many have invited the families to attend Christmas Eve services. This is no small thing!  
    Join us in bringing the Light of the season to those less fortunate!
    Sign up here to be a part of this program. (NB. RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM of $35/CHILD)  
    For more info check out this link!

    Check out this video:

  • WhyNot Youth Centre: This year we have started a new partnership with WhyNot City Mission supporting their inner city youth mission. This ongoing serving opportunity allows us to supply a meal on the first and last Sunday of every month for the 50 or so youth who are engaged in the program.  Here are some ways we are partnering with WhyNot in the area of Youth Ministry:
    1) On the first and last Sunday of each month we are supplying meals for 40-50 at risk youth. These meals are dropped off at the Youth Ctr and the WhyNot staff use this opportunity to build quality relationships with the youth while ensuring a nutritious meal.
    2) With winter coming upon us the need for warm clothes has greatly increased for the youth who frequent the WhyNot Youth Ctr and we are grateful to be able to supply winter coats and hats for those who are unable to afford these necessities.
    3) WhyNot also offers a free clothing boutique to the Youth at the center. It has been a blessing to offer assistance in this area as well!

    Beyond these basic needs programs, WhyNot also offers Crisis and Leadership training. The staff share faith, fellowship and much needed mentorship for all who come through their doors.
    Please join us in praying for and supporting this worthwhile ministry as they serve the most vulnerable in our community.

For more information on any of these initiatives and needs, please email