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The book of Revelation has often been a source of confusion, conspiracy, and consternation. 
But what if we were to see it differently? To see it for what it really is? 
To see it as the prospect of renewal, the power of restoration, and the promise of re-creation. To see it as the time when all the wrongs are finally made right, and God makes all things new.

The book of Revelation was never intended to satisfy our cravings for charts, diagrams, and timelines that match our varied predictions of how the world will end. Yes, the book of Revelation describes a future chaos and suffering like the world has never seen. But it also invites us to see Jesus as ultimately and eternally victorious. 

We’ll cover many of the big questions surrounding the end times that the book of Revelation unveils. But let’s remember that this book is given to us not to arouse fear of the future, but to inspire faith in our Saviour. 

This final book in God’s word explains how all human history is racing toward this singular moment when God’s people will bow before his throne and declare, “Worthy is the Lamb!”

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